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Real Time Power Factor Correction (RTPFC) Panels


RIE is one of the leading providers of Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Panels and Real Time Power Factor Correction (RTPFC) Panels in Eastern India helping their customers maintain near unity PF in their utility bills for all kinds of loads. We provide a wide range of APFC configurations ranging from wall mounting panels of rating 25-100 KVAR to floor mounted panels upto 1500 KVAR.

RTPFC is designed to compensate the reactive power on real time basis for extremely rapid acquisition of the power factor within the range of 40 - 60 msec. Connection and disconnection of the capacitor to and from the network occurs at zero crossing. This smooth connection avoids transient effects like waveform distortions, generation of switching spikes etc., typically created by electromechanically switched contactor based system. The response time of this is much higher than electromechanically switched systems.


  • Transient free capacitor group switching using Electronics Switching elements
  • Reduction of voltage flickering
  • Enhances capacity of Transformer, Local generator systems such as Diesel and windmill generator
  • Avoid wave form distortions, since capacitors are connected and disconnected during Zero crossing
  • Prevents damages to sensitive electronic equipments
  • Saves energy by reduced max. Demand, PF bonus & saving in Transformer losses
  • Accurate Power Factor control, even in the presence of Harmonics
  • Dramatically increases the life expectancy of switching elements and capacitor
  • Built-in network analyzer, measuring all network parameter including harmonics
  • Modular and up gradable with increased plant load

Salient Features:

  • Response time 40-60 milli seconds Max.
  • Basic System includes reactors to limit the inrush current
  • Detuned systems include iron core reactors that detune the network to prevent resonance and protect the capacitor banks
  • MCB/MCCB/HRC fuse Protection in each step
  • Current feedback system in each step for spike and over current detection with auto-reset facility
  • Over temperature protection with auto reset

Rated Voltage 415 / 440 VAC
Rated Frequency 50Hz/ 60 Hz
Rated KVAR 100 KVAR - 2000 KVAR
Steps 12.5 KVAR, 25 KVAR, 50 KVAR , 75 KVAR, 100 KVAR , 125 KVAR
De-tuning Factors 1% (inrush supression), 5.67%,7%,14%
Capacitor Voltage 480 VAC / 525 VAC
APFC Relay 3CT Operated with inbuilt multifunction
meter with optional datalogging capabilities
Swtiching Thyristor Swtiching Modules
Protection HRC Fuse/MCB/MCCB/SFU
Cooling Forced using thermostat controlled fans
Enclosure Fabricated using 1.6 mm / 2 mm thick CRCA sheet
duly powdercoated In Compartmentalized
or Non-compartmentalized construction
Cable Entry Top/Bottom