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HT Series & Harmonic Block Reactors


Harmonic Block reactors are a special type of Series Reactors used for protection of capacitor banks in harmonic rich environment and for supression of hamrmonics.Series Reactors are connected in series with transmission / distribution line or feeder to limit the fault current. Series reactors are also used for load balancing, limiting inrush current in capacitor banks, filtration of harmonics along with capacitors. Other applications include arc furnace installations, load flow control, smoothing of wave form in DC systems. Neutral grounding is also one of the applications of series reactor.


Standard Voltage (Un) 440V to 690V
Rated Voltage 3 x 415V
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated Power 5,10,12.5,15,20,25,50 and 100 KVAr
Constructional Max. Voltage 1000 V
TestVoltage 3000 V
Filtering factors /Tuning Freq.
  • 5.67%, 210Hz
  • 7%, 189 Hz
  • 14%, 134 Hz
Tolerance of inductance ±3%
Linearity (L> 0.95 x Ln) 200%
Ambient temperature +55 deg C
Insulation Class H
Cooling method Natural cooling (AN)
Installation Indoor
Protection degree IP00
Operating altitude 1000m above sea level at rated operation
Temp. sensor (normally closed) 155 deg C
Reference standard IEC 61558-2-20