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Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels


RIE is one of the leading providers of Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Panels in Eastern India helping their customers maintain near aunity PF in their utility bills. We provide a wide range of APFC configurations ranging from wall mounting panels of rating 25-100 KVAR to floor mounted panels upto 1500 KVAR.

These panels are provided both with and without reactors based on the application. The customer has a host of capacitors, swtichgear and protection options to choose from. All our APFC panels are equipped with thermostat controlled ventillation fans to provide the most optimum cooling as required thereby enhancing the life of the capacitors.

Salient Features:

  • Available in wall mounting and free standing floor mounting type constructions
  • Make of swtichgears as per customer requirements
  • Capacitors can be Stnadrd/Heavy/Super Heavy Duty in Cylindrical or Box type variants
  • De-tuuned reactors in Al and Cu wound as per application
  • Swtiching using specially designed capacity duty contactors with special inrush supression coils
  • Capacitor protection using hrc fuses, MCB or MCCB as per customer requirements
  • Wiring using felxible Cu cable of resputed makes
  • Forced cooling using thermostat operated cooling fans and louvers
  • Advanced Single / Three CT APFC relays with and without data logging capabilities
  • Panels are available in both compartmental and non-compartmental designs

Rated Voltage 415 VAC / 440 VAC / 690 VAC / Others on request
Rated Frequency 50Hz/ 60 Hz
Rated KVAR 25 KVAR - 1500 KVAR
De-tuning Factors NA, 5.67%,7%,14%
Capacitor Voltage 415 VAC /440 VAC /525 VAC /690 VAC/1000VAC
APFC Relay 1CT/3CT Operated with inbuilt multifunction
meter with optional datalogging capabilities
Swtiching Capacitor Duty Contactors
Protection HRC Fuse/MCB/MCCB/SFU
Cooling Forced using thermostat controlled fans
Enclosure Fabricated using 1.6 mm / 2 mm thick CRCA sheet
duly powdercoated In Compartmentalized
or Non-compartmentalized construction
Cable Entry Top/Bottom