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HT Power Capacitors from

There MV capactors units are used to build capacitors banks for reactive power compensation on medium voltage and high voltage networks. There capacitors are available in 1 Phase and 3 Phase construction with or without internal fuses.

3 Phase Capacitor Bank


Our Capacitor unit is designed for heavy duty operation in Fixed, enclosed and pole mount banks in all condition. The Capacitor units is a single phase and three phase power capacitor of all film design, with very low dielectric losses and a long life. Each capacitor has several elements that consist of a dielectric of polypropylene film and Aluminium foil, which are connected in series and parallel group into an internal star or delta configuration.

Quality Assurance

ENERGE Capacitor plants are certified according to ISO 9001 - 2008


Medium voltage capacitors are manufactured in two different versions either for use with external fuses or already fitted internal fuses.

Long Life

Transient surges in networks and partial discharge levels cause accelerated ageing of capacitor elements. The exceptionally long service life of capacitors is due to the intrinsic properties of the dielectric fluid, Viz.,

  • Very high chemical stability
  • High power of absorption of gases generated during partial discharges
  • Very high dielectric strength


The capacitor is made of

  • Polypropylene films
  • Folded Aluminium foils
  • Non-PCB dielectric fluid
Capacitor tanks are made in stainless steel material with fixing brackets for mounting.The capacitors are painted with two component EPOXY treatment for long withstanding capacity for environments.


Type Impregnated all-film dielectric
Rated Voltage Upto 12 KV
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated Power upto 500 KVAr
Average Losses < 0.15 W / Kvar
Dielectric Liquid Non-PCB
Temperature Category -50° C to +55° C (D)
Standards IEC 60871-1 ANSI / IEEE, CSA
Standard Colour Light grey
Standard Bushing 75 kV BIL
95 kV BIL

1 Phase Capacitor Bank


ENERGE Medium voltage Capacitors are described “100% All Film Capacitors”. That capacitors have low loss material. Due to the that fact, ENERGE CAPACITORS are long lasting. Capacitors are designed and 100% tested to meet the international standards. Each capacitor element has the possibility of having a separate internal fuse. In addition, each capacitor unit is provided with an internal discharge resistor. All Medium voltage power capacitor units are light-weight and have low losses. They comply with most national and international standards.


M.V. power factor correction is directly related to the technical management of transmission and distribution networks.

The benefits are:

  • Power Quality
    Increasing voltage levels in busbar sets in substations and at the end of lines.
  • Improving the Operating cost of an installation
    Decreasing reactive power and therefore reducing apparent power with two relevant technical aspects:
    • Reducing losses
    • Increasing the performance of transformers and installations
  • Reducing the financial cost of energy


Type Impregnated all-film dielectric
Rated Voltage 1000...13800V (with internal fuses) Above 13800V (without internal fuses)
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated Power upto 1000 KVAr
Average Losses < 0.15 W / Kvar
Dielectric Liquid Non-PCB
Temperature Category -50° C to +55° C (D)
Standards IEC 60871-1 ANSI / IEEE, CSA
Standard Colour Light grey
Standard Bushing 75 kV BIL
95 kV BIL
125 kV BIL
150 kV BIL
200 kV BIL

About Energe Capacitors Pvt. Ltd.

"Energe capacitors Pvt Ltd" established in the year 1982, is an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company manufacturing Power Capacitors and all associated equipments upto 220 KV. Energe group provides superior capacitor technology for reactive power compensation with its own research & development. By testing high performance raw material and state of its art manufacturing process, our products achieve the highest ratings and long working life.

Their manufacturing plants and Head offices are located in Rajapalayam which is a world-famous textile hub in south India at Rajapalayam. This town is in close proximity to the Western Ghats.

Their factory has well transport access by road, rail and airway. It takes just 1 hour drive from Madurai Airport. We have two optional sea ports for easy & timely exports.

They believe in Engineering Excellence with focus on fast development and innovations. A well balanced mix of sophisticated machines and team of expert engineers enables us to offer the products for reactive power compensation.

They are driven by Process Techniques and Total Quality Management towards achieving Total Quality Assurance to meet customer satisfaction.

Production Facilities

  • Designed to wind elements of MV capacitor (Film +Foil)
  • Superior closed loop tensioning mechanism
  • Automatic foil cut and fold unit
  • Online dry element testing and sorting unit
  • Element conveyer unit
  • Fully enclosed and Hygiene environment
  • Fine and Perfect Soldering points
  • Very clean assembly
  • Strong electrical contacts
  • Paper wraping system
  • Can encasing machine
  • Automatic Can welding
  • Sealed vacuum system
  • Environmentally safe impregnant
  • Online monitoring impregnation
  • Oil filtration and de-gassing process
  • Full fledged testing equipments as per IEC & IEEE
  • High precision C and Tan d bridge
  • HV tester upto 100 KV AC/DC

Company History


  • In 2013, 272 sets of 2 MVAr capacitor bank supplied to utility company, Andra.
  • In 2012, 14 MVAr, 33KV Metal enclosed capacitor bank supplied to utility company, Mumbai.
  • In 2011, MV capacitor Production capacity increased
  • In 2010, Carried out MV capacitor Endurance test for Railways


  • In 2008, Incorporated precision C & Tan d meter in our testing lab.
  • In 2007, our production process up gradation of its plant to manufacture higher rating of single HT capacitor unit i.e. from 400 KVAr to 1000 KVAr and from 12 KV to 25 KV single unit
  • In 2003, the company set up its Central Sales/Marketing  Office in Mumbai
  • In 2001, the company supplied capacitors to EHV system voltage of 110KV


  • In 1999, the company supplied its 4th & 5th  MV harmonic filter to WWCR steel mill, Chennai.
  • In 1998, started MV & HV capacitors manufacturing with latest testing equipments
  • In 1998, the company was converted into a private limited company and incorporated under companies
  • In 1991, the company added LV APP capacitors to its range of products


  • In 1989, started condensers for Fan, Motor & lighting appliances
  • In 1987, added low voltage MPP type capacitors to its range of products
  • In 1986, started manufacturing of Mixed Dielectric power capacitor
  • In 1982, the company was launched with manufacture of low voltage Paper Dielectric power capacitors


  • In 1978, the company took up sole distributorship of low voltage electrical products of strong and reputed brands.


  • In 1964, started its first electrical contracting company undertaking electrification and substation contracts

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